Tuesday, January 9, 2007

arton epiousion

Most simply, arton epiousion means "daily bread". This Greek phrase has been made popularly known in the Lord's prayer, yet it is subject to much interpretive controversy. The main problem is that we don't really know what the second word means. Is this daily bread or necessary bread or future bread or even the eschatological bread from the end of the world?!?
Whatever this bread is, it comes from God and is related to his desires for the world and our communal need for forgiveness and reconciliation. In fact, this bread is right at the heart of the thoughts of reconciliation and of God's will for the world, which are found in the Lord's prayer. This is the kind of bread that, when eaten, bears, not indigestion, but transformation, redemption, life, re-creation, love, hope, literal & figurative nourishment, and renewal of the whole world. This is bread that does not take us to heaven--rather, it brings heaven to us.
Whatever this elusive bread is, I want to eat it.


R.C. said...

I want to eat it too

author said...

Thank you for this :-) You've given me food for thought regarding my own blog entry on this subject. Now I may need to re-write AGAIN!
best wishes